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A Ride in The Park C.I.C have a fleet of over 50 bikes and trikes at their disposal, from tandems and trikes to buddy bikes and mountain bikes, kids bikes, ladies bikes, hybrids and a Recumbent, along with kiddie trailers, rear seats, front seats. We even have an electric trike and electric hybrid. We are always looking to increase the range of bikes we have available and will be looking to add more in the future.

20/24/26 inch Trikes

Suitable for riders from 5' upwards. These trikes all have 6 gears, and a basket to carry your belongings in. These trikes are ideal for anyone who has balance issues.


Low step 24" Electric Assist Trike

This trike is suitable for riders up to 6' in height, It has an electric motor that drives the front wheel, this is especially helpful for climbing and has a range of approx 20 miles. This trike also sports a low frame to allow riders with less mobility to mount and dismount easily.


Co-pilot Buddy Bike

A unique bike, suitable for adults on the rear seat and children over 4' on the front seat. This bike is controlled by the back rider, allowing the front rider to pedal and experience cycling without having to worry about controlling the bike. The bike has 7 gears and a back pedal rear brake.


Peugeot touring Tandem

A lovely Old-School touring tandem. This bike is suitable for front riders (pilot) over 5' 10" and back rider (stoker) over 5' 4" in height. It has 18 gears and comes fitted with a drag brake for those long descents. The bike also has front and rear pannier racks. This bike is ideal for introducing new riders to cycling on roads, without having to worry about controlling the bike. 

Trice Explorer Recumbent

The recumbent position for riding this bike wolud suit anyone who has difficulty supporting themselves on a conventional bike, it has 27 gears, and can be adjusted to suit riders from 5' upwards. The bike also comes with a pannier rack and rear view mirror.

Hybrids, Hardtails and Kids Bikes

We also have a large selection of bikes to suit all sizes from children to adults. Along with child carrying equipment from a kiddies trailer to Tag-alongs and baby seats.

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