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A Ride in The Park CIC was set up to support individuals and groups from The Park Centre and the wider Bristol community who may not have access to, or take part in, cycling activities. There are currently 2 projects running: Wednesday afternoons are open to all and are more about new or returning cyclists, this Is when both able bodied and disabled, get to try out different bicycles and improve their cycling skills and techniques, helping them gain confidence in short sessions, with informal advice and guidance from trained instructors. On Saturdays, cyclists who are ready, are taken out on rides, using one of the many local cycle paths, in and around Bristol, to places of interest with a support vehicle. The projects are committed to include those with several forms of disability. Older people who may not have cycled for many years are also encouraged to try cycling in a safe traffic free environment. The groups provide a friendly and supportive situation for people to improve their health and in many cases improve social isolation. 

All our staff have DBS clearance to work with children and vulnerable adults, and are trained to industry standard guidelines.




Jim Mockeridge- Cyclist

"Six years ago I was involved in an accident which prevented me from participating in something I have enjoyed for many years (cycling) partly due to shoulder problems and losing the confidence to hop on a bike. My first ride with "A Ride In The Park" was on 29th November 2014. The best decision I could have made. Since that date I have been on at least 10 rides, riding far and wide through the countryside around Bristol, Gloucester and Somerset since restarting my riding escapades I have reduced my weight by nearly 14 lbs and feel so much fitter and enjoy life so much better. I put this down mainly to the help and encouragement shown to myself and the other riders by the organisers of "A Ride In The Park" they go out of their way to take us to so many different places of interest in safety and fun, there is a nucleus of about 7 to 10 each week though they can cater for up to 15. With further funding the numbers could be enlarged and on more days of the week with riders of differing abilities. I wish to thank John, Steve and Rob for their constant dedication."


Jim Smith- Cyclist

"I go most Saturdays. The ride organisers give a varied amount of routes each week.
Most are good, but we make a note of those that are not so good, and try to improve them.
I will keep coming, and would urge those who have yet to try it to give it a go!" Gentleman Jim.


Paul Hodder- Cyclist

"The rides on Saturday are fun"


Chris Jackson- Councillor and Cyclist- Talking about a Family Fun Cycle Day held at The Park Centre

"Had a great afternoon at The Park Cycling Event, well done to all who worked so hard to put on this event. It was very well attended and everybody had a lot of fun."


Kate Cooke- Health Promotion Specialist and Cyclist- Talking about the same event.

"Watching an older woman walk in with a stick, get on one of these (Adult Trike) and cycle round was one of the most heartwarming things of my day. I spoke with her after and she told me how she comes every week and how empowering she finds it."


Mark Chippitt- Cyclist

"Just wanted to say fantastic group and love the fact that it's mixed ability. John, Steve and Rob do a great job and would highly recommend joining the group."








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